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What clan is Urquhart?

Urquhart is derived from a place name, Airchart, which is first recorded in the early life of the Celtic saint, Columba. The meaning of the word itself has been variously translated from the Gaelic, including ‘woodside’, or ‘by a rowan wood’ or ‘fort on a knoll’. The Urquharts have historically been ruled by the Royal Decree of Scotland because they have held several Sheriffs’ titles throughout history. Their bloodline begins with Thomas Urquhart of Cromarty who sired twenty-five sons in total and 7 out of 25 were killed at the Battle of Pinkie in 1547.

Where did the Urquhart clan originate?

The Urquhart clan is of Scottish origin and currently is based in the country. The name Urquhart has Gaelic roots, derived from Loch Ness. Clan Urquhart has a minor historical significance, perhaps comparable to others of their time. One standout member was Sir Thomas Urquhart who believed he was the 143rd relative of Adam and Eve, making him part of an ancient lineage which would support the reputation of this clan. Their motto is Meane Weil speak Weil doe Weil” (Mean well, speak well and do well), and their crest shows a lady holding a sword by her side along with a palm sapling.

Urquhart clan
Clan Urquhart

Is Urquhart Scottish or Irish?

The name Urquhart, a habitational one of Scottish origin, can be derived from any of four places with the name. The Gaelic form of this surname is Orchard. Other places named Urquhart, including one by Loch Ness in Scotland, are derived from the Brythonic elements ar, meaning “on”; and cardden, meaning “thicket”.

Urquhart Tartan:

The surname comes from the areas of Urquhart located on the western shores of Loch Ness. William the Orchard is the first Sheriff of Cromarty that is recorded at the time of the 13th century Adam Urquhart also received granted the Sheriffship of Cromarty from David II in 1358. This Tartan is green, navy, red, and black in color and emanates a glory like none other. Our Urquhart Tartan is sure to take you back in time to the glorious era of the Scottish Urquhart Clan.

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Urquhart Tartan
Clan Urquhart Tartan

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